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First Visit

Upon your first visit to our office, Dr. Logeman or Dr. Prywitch will perform a thorough examination of your gum tissue with a full periodontal chart. During this time, he will be looking for any abnormalities and complete an oral cancer screening. He then will move on to an evaluation of the condition of your teeth and any restorations that you may have. Dr. Logeman or Dr. Prywitch will evaluate any dental x-rays that were taken and give treatment options according to his diagnosis and taking into consideration the patient's desired results.


Because your oral health can affect your systemic health and vice-versa we will be asking you about:


  • Any medications you are currently taking

  • Vitamins or supplements

  • Medical conditions, hospitalizations or surgeries 

  • Allergies to medications or environmental irritants

  • Previous experience with anesthesia and reactions to it


With this information, Dr. Logeman or Dr. Prywitch and the dental team will be able to aid in the identification of necessary precautions for your personalized dental treatment.

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